Directors, Higher Rate Taxpayers and Individuals with Untaxed Income

Director's, higher rate taxpayers and individuals with untaxed income will be required to do an annual personal Tax Return. We prepare personal tax returns and tax calculations. We also advise of how much tax to pay and send reminders of when tax is due.

Existing clients may have any of the following income types:

  • Employment income
  • Partnership income
  • Self-employed income
  • Rental Income
  • Dividends & Interest Income
  • Trust Income
  • Foreign Income
  • Capital Gains

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

We are keen to be involved in tax planning and can assist in many areas particularly in income tax and capital gains tax. This is relevant to all types of clients. We also will advise on converting from sole trader status to Limited Company status and the tax implications of this.

Company Formations and Company Secretarial

If someone wishes to form a Limited Company we are able to do this and we also do all the related company secretarial work.

  • Appointment and Resignation of directors
  • Issue of share capital
  • Confirmation Statements
  • Change of year end
  • Registered office facilities

If you are a director, higher rate taxpayer or have untaxed income and would like assistance or advice, please call the friendly professionals at Cater Chartered Accountants today.